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RFC 2021

In connection with the assignment by the minister in charge of health, pursuant to Article 24a (4) of the Act of September 8, 2006 on State Medical Rescue Services (Journal of Laws of 2020, item. 882) the task of expanding and modifying the SWD PRM to the dispatcher of air medical rescue teams, which is a unit supervised by the minister responsible for health matters, the National Monitoring Center for Medical Rescue (KCMRM), functioning within the structure of the Air Rescue Service, is undertaking a number of activities related to the expansion and modification of the State Medical Rescue Command Support System (SWD PRM).

The development of the SWD PRM being implemented covers two areas. The first covering the technical infrastructure on the basis of which the SWD PRM operates, along with the cooperating subsystems. The second area is changes in the functionalities of the SWD PRM application. Both areas are very important from the point of view of the end user of SWD PRM. The ongoing work in the area of SWD PRM development is aimed at minimizing the situation in which critical functionalities of SWD PRM will not be available to the end user, and adapting the functionality of the system to the user’s needs as best as possible.

The rules for submitting initiatives related to the development of SWD PRM are regulated in the document entitled: “Procedure for submitting new functionalities and modifications of functionalities already implemented in the Command Support System for State Medical Rescue” – version 3.0.

Based on the description of functionality provided by the Ministry of Health, the KCMRM prepares an RFC document, which is a specification for modifications. The KMRM submits the draft RFC document thus created to the members of the SWD PRM Council at the KCMRM for their opinion. After receiving feedback from the members of the SWD PRM Council at the KCMRM, the KMRM forwards the draft RFC document to the Ministry of Health for approval. If the Ministry of Health accepts the draft RFC document, the KCMRM shall forward the RFC document together with the preliminary order to the Contractor for pricing the cost and time of the RFC. In the case of acceptance of the RFC document valuation provided by the Contractor, it orders the implementation of work implementing new functionality or modification of functionality already present in the SWD PRM.

Each year, the SWD PRM Development Team prepares modification specifications – RFCs. The number of completed RFCs in a given year depends on the amount of funds that are budgeted for this purpose and the time required to implement the change.


  • RFC 22/2020/KCMRM/SWDPRM – Extension of SWDPRM integration with Active Directory – STAGE 3
  • RFC 23/2020/KCMRM/SWDPRM – Modifications to the system in connection with the transition of medical dispensaries to Provincial Offices – STAGE 3 (Coordinator Module)
  • RFC 24/2020/KCMRM/SWDPRM – Transmission of data from medical records to the Medical Information System (SIM) – STEP 1 (Administrator)
  • RFC 24/2020/KCMRM/SWDPRM – Transmission of data from medical records to the Medical Information System (SIM) – STEP 2 (ZRM and Analyst).
  • RFC 26/2020/KCMRM/SWDPRM – SMS communicator
  • RFC 01/2021/KCMRM/SWDPRM – ZRM statuses – automatic change of them, optimization of the chronology of statuses and times assigned to them
  • RFC 10/2021/KCMRM/SWDPRM Concept of implementation of the procedure for dealing with an incident with a large number of victims
  • RFC 12/2021/KCMRM/SWDPRM – Adding a redundant point of contact for W2 and PLI CBD
  • RFC 13/2021/KCMRM/SWDPRM – Adding the name and manufacturer of the antigen test for SARS-CoV-2
  • RFC 14/2021/KCMRM/SWDPRM – Addition of document country name in SWD PRM database for EWP purposes
  • RFC 17/2021/KCMRM/SWDPRM – Mechanism for automatic collection of logs from SWD PRM to HD – stage 1
  • RFC 01/2021/KCMRM/PZŁ SWDPRM – Relocation of the OR PZL SWD in Warsaw
  • RFC 02/2021/KCMRM/PZŁ SWDPRM – Establishment of the Preproduction Environment of the PZL SWD PRM
  • RFC 04/2021/KCMRM/PZŁ SWDPRM – PZŁ SWD PRM in the positions of JCRM.
  • RFC 06/2021/KCMRM/PZŁ SWDPRM – Expert support for the implementation of Contract No. 469/DN/2021 (SS7)
  • RFC 08/2021/KCMRM/PZŁ SWDPRM – Piloting of the PZŁ SWD PRM at the positions of CO LPR and HEMS Warsaw.
  • RFC 09/2021/KCMRM/PZŁ SWDPRM – Implementation of functional tests of SS7 links at three OR sites under construction


A detailed description of the scope of the above RFC documents is provided below.

RFC-02 KCMRM PZŁ – Establishment of PZŁ SWD PRM pre-production environment version submitted to Contractor

RFC-22 2020 Extension of SWDPRM integration with Active Directory stage III version 2.0 version provided to Contractor from FWZ

RFC-23 2020 KCMRM SWDPRM – Transition of DM to UW version 2.0 transferred from FZ to Contractor

RFC-24 2020 KCMRM SWDPRM – Transmission of medical record data to SIM version provided to Contractor from FWZ

Attachment 1 to RFC-24 2020 KCMRM SWDPRM – P1 DS E3c Integration Documentation 2019-08-02

RFC-26 2020 KCMRM SWDPRM – SMS communicator version 2.0 version transferred from FZ to Contractor

RFC-01 2021 KCMRM SWDPRM – ZRM statuses version 2.3 version provided to Contractor from FWZ

RFC-10 2021 KCMRM SWDPRM – Concept of implementation of the procedure for dealing with a large number of victims version 2.0 FZ

RFC-12 2021 KCMRM SWDPRM – Addition of redundant point of contact to W2 interface and PLI CBD version 2.0 submitted to Contractor from FZ

RFC-13 2021 KCMRM SWDPRM – Addition of test name and manufacturer dictionary version 1.0 submitted to Contractor from FZ

RFC-14 2021 KCMRM SWDPRM – Addition of -document country name for EWP3 ver. 1.0 transfer of FZ to Contractor

RFC-17 2021 KCMRM SWDPRM – Mechanizm automatycznego zbierania logów z SWD PRM do HD wersja 2.0 wersja przekazana z FZ etap 2

RFC-01 KCMRM PZŁ – Przeniesienie OR PZŁ SWD PRM woj. mazowieckie wersja przekazana do Wykonawcy

RFC-02 KCMRM PZŁ – Utworzenie środowiska preprodukcyjnego PZŁ SWD PRM wersja przekazana do Wykonawcy 1

RFC-04 2021 KCMRM PZŁ – integracja KD dla WKRM z PZŁ SWDPRM wersja przekazana do Wykonawcy

RFC-06 KCMRM PZŁ – Wsparcie eksperckie SS7 wersja przekazana do Wykonawcy

RFC-08 2021 KCMRM PZŁ – Integracja KD dla CO LPR HEMS Warszawa wersja przekazana do Wykonawcy

RFC-09 KCMRM PZŁ – Testy funkcjonalne łączy SS7 w OR w trakcie budowy wersja przekazana do Wykonawcy

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