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I SWD PRM Administrators Forum

    On May 25, 2023, a meeting called “1st Forum of SWD PRM Administrators” was held in Warsaw. During the meeting, the invited participants, representatives of all Provincial Offices, were able to familiarize themselves with the current structure of the National Center for Monitoring of Medical Rescue (KCMRM), tasks and achievements to date, as well as further plans for the development of the Command Support System for National Medical Rescue (SWD PRM).
    The invited guests were officially welcomed by Mr. Prof. Robert Galązkowski, director of the Air Rescue Service, who opened the meeting. Then the floor was taken by the Deputy Director of the LPR for the KCMRM, Mr. Paweł Bąkała, who presented the most important changes in the structure of the KCMRM and outlined the changes planned in the near future.

    The meeting is opened by Mr. Prof. Robert Gałązkowski – director of the LPR

    The materials on the KCMRM are presented by Mr. Pawel Bąkała – LPR Deputy Director for KCMRM.

    The participants then listened to a presentation by the Ministry of Health entitled. “The role of the Administrators of the Command Support System for State Emergency Medical Services from the perspective of the MZ“. , which was presented by Ms. Danuta Klimasara – a representative of the Safety Department of the MZ.

    Speech by the representative of the Ministry of Health Ms. Danuta Klimasara

    During the forum, as part of the presentation entitled. “National Center for Monitoring of Emergency Medical Services”, representatives of the various organizational units of the KCMRM spoke: Michał Sawicki – support administrator from the SWD PRM Technical Center, Kamil Kolczyński – coordinator of the SWD PRM development team, SWD PRM development project manager, Damian Cwynar – network architecture and security engineer, Łukasz Pachocki – cyber security team coordinator, Jakub Czarski – coordinator of the Medical Rescue Training Center, Krzysztof Adamski – chief specialist in the SWD PRM department, and Ewelina Kuryś – analyst in the SWD PRM development team.


    The materials are presented by Mr. Kamil Kolczyński – coordinator of the SWD PRM Development Team

    The materials are presented by Ms. Ewelina Kuryś – analyst of the SWD PRM Development Team

    The materials are presented by Mr. Michal Sawicki – supporting administrator from the SWD PRM Technical Center.

    One of the highlights of the meeting was a discussion forum, where participants could ask questions of KCMRM representatives or provide their experiences and comments on the PRM SWD.

    Discussion forum with the participation of representatives of various organizational units of KCMRM

    We thank all the participants of the “1st SWD PRM Administrators Forum” for coming and actively participating in the discussion forum.

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