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SWD PRM Development Team

The SWD PRM development team at KCMRM has an extremely important role for SWD RM users – to implement the modifications and expansion of the SWD PRM outlined by the Ministry of Health.

The team also collects users opinions and suggestions on the functioning of the SWD PRM, which are used when designing changes to the currently operating functionalities as well as when creating new ones so that they are tailored to users’ needs.

The team is responsible for the creation of modification documents known as RFCs, coordinates the implementation work of the SWD PRM modifications, conducts tests of the application, cooperates with contractors and external institutions such as the MZ, NFZ, CSIOZ, GUGiK, and Provincial Offices.

The team also provides substantive support to the Technical Center staff on the functionality of the SWD PRM.

Employees of the SWD PRM Development Team are passionate about emergency medical services and modern IT solutions.

The Development Team consists of IT Analysts and Specialists (paramedics/medical dispatchers). The work of the SWD PRM Development Team is coordinated by the SWD PRM Development Project Manager.

Extremely important in the work of the Team is the knowledge of legislation, new trends and standards of conduct of medical dispatchers and members of medical rescue teams in the State Emergency Medical Service system, but also modern solutions in the field of information and software.

The work of the Team significantly contributes to improving the quality of functioning of the State Emergency Medical Service system and enhances the comfort of SWD PRM users.

The team began its activities on January 1, 2019.

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