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The subject of the Act, which entered into force on August 28, 2018, is the organization of the national cybersecurity system and the definition of the tasks and obligations of the entities comprising it. The Act also regulates the issues of supervision and control of compliance with its provisions and the procedure for establishing the Cybersecurity Strategy of the Republic of Poland. The content of the Act specifies both the entities participating in the national cybersecurity system and their obligations.

Carrying out the tasks arising from the Act of July 5, 2018 on the national cybersecurity system, the Air Ambulance Service provides access to materials containing knowledge about cybersecurity threats and the use of effective methods of protecting against these threats.

We encourage you to follow the information published in particular on the websites of IT security incident response teams, e.g.:

  • on the website of the first IT incident response team in Poland, CERT.PL:
  • publications prepared by CERT.PL:
  • cyclical, free bulletin of security tips for OUCH! computer users:
  • information bulletin of the computer incident response system:
  • on the website of the team of experts of the Scientific and Academic Computer Network:
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