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The Rescue Training and Monitoring Center

The Emergency Medical Services Training and Monitoring Center will start operating on January 1, 2024.

The tasks of the Training Center will include:

  • developing criteria for assessing the work of a medical dispatcher
  • preparing and conducting a course qualifying you to work as a provincial medical rescue coordinator
  • preparing and conducting a course qualifying you to work as a medical dispatcher,
  • preparing and conducting an improvement course for a medical dispatcher, carried out as part of the professional development of a medical dispatcher
  • developing tests for the initial qualification of applicants for employment as medical dispatchers and provincial emergency medical coordinators.


The tasks of the Emergency Medical Monitoring Center will include:

  • monitoring the course of medical action in an event whose effects resulted in a state of sudden health threat to a significant number of people.

At the beginning of 2023, the process of building a team of CS instructors and CMRM officers on duty began, including over 1,000 medical dispatchers trained as part of field workshops for medical dispatchers carried out in all voivodeships.

The training center’s instructors intensively improve their skills and expand their knowledge by collaborating, among others, with: Search and Rescue service, GOPR, TOPR, WOPR.

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