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About us

National Monitoring Center for Emergency Medical Services (KCMRM).

In connection with the enactment on April 13, 2018 of the Law on Amendments to the Law on State Medical Rescue and Certain Other Laws (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1115), the Air Rescue Service, in accordance with the provisions of Article 27a (1), being a unit supervised by the Minister responsible for health, has established an organizational unit within the structure of the Air Rescue Service called: “National Emergency Medical Service Monitoring Center“.

Within the KCMRM, two divisions have been separated: the division to operate the State Medical Rescue Command Support System (SWD PRM) and the training division, including the monitoring center for the State Medical Rescue (PRM) system.

KCMRM currently performs tasks in the maintenance of the Command Support System for State Emergency Medical Services (SWD PRM), i.e.:

  • administration
  • upgrade
  • modification
  • development


KCMRM prepares descriptions of the subject matter of the contract (OPZ) and specifications of essential terms of the contract (ToR) for public procurement proceedings for the purchase of equipment to operate the SWD PRM, and participates in the above proceedings.

As of January 1, 2024, KCMRM will be responsible for:

  • preparation and execution:
    • course authorizing a provincial medical coordinator,
    • course authorizing the position of medical dispatcher,
    • continuing education course for a medical dispatcher, held as part of the professional development of a medical dispatcher.
  • monitoring of the course of medical action in an incident whose consequences caused a state of medical emergency for a significant number of people,
  • development of criteria for evaluating the work of a medical dispatcher,
  • development of tests for initial qualification of candidates applying for
    for employment in the positions of medical dispatchers and provincial coordinators of emergency medical services.


The National Monitoring Center closely cooperates with the Ministry of Health and many other institutions and entities, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, Provincial Offices, Police Headquarters, the National Fire Service, the National Health Fund, and the GUGiK.


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