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SWD PRM Technical Center

The Technical Center of the Command Support System of the National Emergency Medical Services (CT SWD PRM) is a team of people to which all all incident reports from the SWD PRM. The team includes helpdesk specialists and administrators. Together with administrators provincial administrators and administrators of dispatchers, CT SWD PRM is responsible for administering and maintaining the continuity of the System. CT SWD PRM works in continuous mode 24/7/365 and is always at the disposal of users in need of technical support. As part of its activities CT SWD PRM employees develop procedures, produce and maintain and maintain technical documentation, and create proprietary tools supporting the administration and maintenance of SWD PRM and subsystems cooperating subsystems. CT SWD PRM staff also provide support to the SWD PRM development team.

The second equally important task of the CT SWD PRM is the construction and modernization of the IT infrastructure used by the SWD PRM and cooperating subsystems. In this regard, CT SWD PRM conducts both architectural and implementation work on all key subsystems used by SWD PRM including network, server, security or database subsystems.

CT SWD PRM primarily prevents failures by developing the IT environment. Such action is to guarantee high availability and performance of the system, but most importantly to provide an IT platform for the development of new functionalities in SWD PRM. CT SWD PRM implements solutions from which SWD PRM can benefit. In implementing the solutions, it strives to use the latest IT and innovative solutions, and to participate in the creation of new best practices.

The work of the CT SWD PRM is directed by the Chief Administrator of the SWD PRM.

The primary tasks of the Technical Center include:

Monitoring of SWD PRM infrastructure

Receive and monitor incident reports as part of providing 24/7 maintenance service

Providing technical support to SWD PRM users

SWD PRM application management

Develop the necessary procedures for notifications for SWD PRM users

Perform tasks in the field of construction, operation and maintenance of SWD PRM

Overseeing, detecting and eliminating system malfunctions

Development of necessary technical documentation

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