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KCMRM Administration Department

As part of the National Emergency Medical Monitoring Center, there is a Department for the National Emergency Medical Service Command Support System.

Tasks of the KCMRM Administration Department:

Administrative tasks

Ongoing cooperation with the HR and Payroll Department of LPR, creating material and financial plans and supervising their proper implementation. The KCMRM Administration Department is also responsible for developing purchase plans for the needs of KCMRM and preparing documentation for public procurement procedures, carrying out requests for proposals and implementing contracts with contractors.

The department is also responsible for the current analysis of the supply status of KCMRM in office, cleaning and food materials and the implementation of purchasing activities in this area.

Additional tasks

Additionally, the KCMRM Administration Department is responsible for:

  • cooperation with the Emergency Medical Services Training Center in organizing training days and serving training participants,
  • matters related to the maintenance and operation of the KCMRM building (including ensuring that the building is maintained in proper technical condition, carrying out minor renovation and repair works on the building and the rooms used and their equipment),
  • carrying out tasks related to servicing the reception desk of the KCMRM building and managing access rights of employees and third parties to its individual sections.

The main tasks of the KCMRM Administration Department are comprehensive services for the National Emergency Medical Monitoring Center. The department provides administrative and legal support to KCMRM, in particular preparing documentation for proceedings conducted under the Public Procurement Law, cooperation with voivodeship offices and administrators of medical rescue teams, implementation of individual contracts in cooperation with substantive teams, as well as organizing internal training in the use of SWD PRM .

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