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Command Support System for State Emergency Medical Services (SWD PRM)

SWD PRM is a uniform system throughout the country enabling the reception of alarm reports, event notifications, dispatching medical rescue teams, recording medical events, presenting the geographical location of the incident site, current positioning of medical rescue teams and supporting the implementation of tasks by medical rescue teams and provincial medical rescue coordinator. SWD PRM is an important element of the State Emergency Medical Services system. SWD PRM operates 24 hours a day, all year round with an SLA of 99.99%.

Currently, SWD PRM operates in all 1,610 emergency medical teams (EMS), EMS stations, in 23 medical dispatch rooms (including 226 dispatcher positions) and in 16 provincial medical rescue coordinator positions. Every call made to the emergency number 999 and notifications transmitted by the operators of the emergency number 112 are handled in SWD PRM. Moreover, each EMS trip to an incident is supported and handled using SWD PRM.

The SWD PRM uses:
Emergency Medical Services Teams
Dispatchers center
Medical dispatchers
Positions of coordinators of Emergency Medical Services

Each dispatching station and each emergency medical team, as well as their stationing locations, are equipped to handle calls and incidents in the SWD PRM.

Medical dispatcher stations have a computer and at least two monitors, emergency medical teams are equipped with tablets and portable printers, while stationary sites have a computer, monitor and printer.

SWD PRM capabilities

- acceptance of emergency calls and notifications of events from emergency numbers (112, 999)
- dispatching medical rescue teams (ZRM)
- recording of medical events
- localization of individual events, places of stay of ZRM and their statuses on the map, which is a module integrated with the system (Universal Map Module).


SWD PRM ensures the implementation of tasks by:

Medical dispatchers

Members of medical rescue teams

Coordinators of emergency medical services

Authorized representatives of the Ministry of Health

SWD PRM allows:

monitor and manage the forces and resources of the State Medical Rescue system

manage notifications and incidents

create medical records

handling emergency situations and, in the event of an emergency, the substitutability of individual medical dispensaries

In the future, the PRM SWD, once expanded to version 2.0, will enable, among other things:

Automation of the reporting process to the National Health Fund

Management of Air Ambulance (LPR) forces and resources, as well as exchange of information and data with medical dispensaries and the LPR Operations Center.

Integration with the telephone and radio communications system using any technology within the SWD PRM Integrated Communications Subsystem under construction

Transfer of the patient’s medical records to the destination hospital

The maintenance, operation and development of the PRM SWD in the country is ensured by the Minister of Health by assigning the tasks of system administrator to the Air Rescue Service.

The first production launch of the SWD PRM took place on June 22, 2016 at the medical dispatch center in Gorzow Wielkopolski at two medical dispatcher stations and 6 Emergency Medical Services in the Gorzow operational area. Finally, as of October 31, 2017, the implementation of the SWD PRM and the concentration of medical dispatch centers to a model of 42 in the country was completed.

As of February 26, 2018, full substitutability of medical dispensaries was launched in terms of their emergency substitutability and the de-localization of emergency call handling and event notifications in case of overflow of the local queue of waiting calls.

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